US invaders loot Iraq! -- What's in the latest Green Left Weekly? #538 May 21, 2003

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Green Left Weekly,
Australia's socialist newspaper
Issue #538 May 21, 2003

Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
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Featured this week: US invaders loot Iraq

The scramble for a quick buck by US corporations in the aftermath of
Washington's invasion of Iraq came as no surprise to all but the most
naive. What has astounded many, however, is just how blatant US
President George Bush's administration has been in its cronyism. Green
Left Weekly looks at how the Bush gang is filling the pockets of its
corporate mates.


* UNITED STATES: How the Bush gang loots Iraq
Corporate vultures descend


* Money for health and education, not war
* Costello foreshadows two-tier university system
* Socialists call for budget measures to be blocked
* Greens: Budget bereft of humanity
* Other budget responses


* Why the US imperialists hate socialist Cuba
* IRAQ: US seeks UN approval for occupation regime
* IRAN: US escalates campaign for `regime change'
* CUBA: US stages new provocation
* PALESTINE: Israeli military targets solidarity activists
* ENGLAND: Socialist Alliance does well in local elections
* ACEH: Indonesia moves closer to all-out war
* PAKISTAN: Military fires on farmers' protest
* NORTH-EAST ASIA: Beijing's and Moscow's stakes in Korea crisis
* KOREA: Seoul, Tokyo fund nuclear plant in North Korea
* VENEZUELA: Class struggle on the rise in urban and rural areas
* ARGENTINA: Workers seize control of factories
* FRANCE: General strike hits pension plan


* A woman's place is in the struggle: Amina Lawal's fight for life
* Greens Sylvia Hale: `I know which side of history I want to be on'
* Medicare is `a right not a privilege'
* Editorial: Join the Socialist Alliance!
*  Socialist Alliance debates perspectives


* A people's response to the budget
* Protests planned on World Refugee Day
* Iranian refugees threatened with deportation
* Aceh solidarity campaign starts up
* 700 people hear eyewitness report on Iraq
* Forum considers `casualties of war'
* Unions fined for 'secondary boycott'
* BA course closed at Ballarat Uni
* Bankstown anti-war activist discuss next steps
* Unions protest Labor privatisation
* Dancing and dining for global justice
* Keep space for peace


* The real bio-terrorists are in Washington
* Military hand in attack on free speech
* Song of a wondering Anubis
* On the box


* Loose cannons
* Write On: Letters to Green Left Weekly

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