The truth about Hitler?

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Henry said:
> >> The German Jews also supported Hitler in the early days, particularly
> >> the rich and the intellectual.
Johannes said:

> Not many, not some, not a few, but 'The German Jews'.
> Additionally, there is some difference between 'to cut a deal' and 'to
> support'.
As I read Henry above, he means some jews, "particulary" the rich and the
intellectual.  Why can't it not be possible for them to take advantage of
their class position? Some right wing zionists thought giving Hitler a voice
would givem them a state--Palestine. Basically, you are changing the meaning

> Furthermore, I do not think the debate is funny at all. Henry could not
> any evidence at all for his claim,

well, what about the book that claims that there were soldiers of jewish
in the german military. is this also a fake?

the bottom line is you can't support your claim with a counter evidence that
some were not connected "at all". Marxist analysis requires analysis of
along what class lines some supported Hitler (even though few) while the
rest did not. You have provided none.

>Furthermore, I do not think the debate is funny at all. Henry could not
any evidence at all for his claim, instead others come up with crossposts
from openly anti-semitc sites

Nonsense, as always. This was posted before David posted from that crapy,
openly anti-semitic web site. Irrelevant.

Frankly, the last thing I want to discuss is anti-semitism on the list, when
the Israeli apartheid state is killing Palestinians one by one. You have to
be able to discuss this topic without any demagogic charge of anti-semitism.
But as always you can't.

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