The truth about Hitler?

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> Johannes said:
> > First, I have noted before Zionism was an absolute minor trend among
> German
> > Jewry in the early thirties.
> Don't *note*. Cite evidence.

Source: W. Angress, "The German Jews, 1933 - 1939", in: M. Marrus, (ed.),
The Nazi Holocaust , Westport & London, 1989, Vol. 2, pp. 484 - 497.
"Divided among different religious traditions - Orthodox, Conservative (in
Germany, Liberal), and Reform - and since the turn of the century also into
assimilationists and Zionists (to name but the most obvious divisions), they
had never succeeded in creating an all-encompassing organisation that could
represent and speak for the Jewish community as a whole 12 . When Hitler
took office, the bulk of German Jewry was organised - often with overlapping
membership - in the Centralverein deutscher Staatsbuerger juedischen
Glaubens (Central Association of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith), or
CV, and the Reichsbund juedischer Frontsoldaten (Union of Jewish Front
Veterans), or RjF. Both were decidedly non-Zionist. The Zionists, who were
until 1933 a very small minority, had their Zionistische Vereinigung fuer
Deutschland (German Zionist Federation)."

> The book by Rigg provides details about the deals of the Zionist
> of Germany and the issue about the transfer of emigrants to Palestine.  It
> talks about the Havara agreement that German authorities signed with the
> federation in 1933.  That this transfer did not happen does not contradict
> the deal did not exist.

Have you read Rigg's book, if so, please where does it tell something about
the Havara agreement?


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