Samir Amin on the Historical Roots of U.S. Fascism

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Wed May 21 09:45:05 MDT 2003

Although we might not be a fascist society at this moment, we could also
easily liken our situation to Germany in the period after Hitler was
elected, especially if you are paying attention to the Anti-terrorist
Information Centers and the neighborhood anti-terrorist watch teams that are
being developed throughout the country.

Paul H. Dillon

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> Count my vote AGAINST describing US society as fascist. It has its
> repressive side, especially if you're not white, but it has had these
> 1776. To call it fascist is to suggest it's a special and extreme form of
> capitalist repression -- which it isn't. The point is that this is a
> feature of capitalist society. It's not yet a police state.
> If we're serious about the term fascism, it means we'd have to move
> illegal work, and all experience shows that doing that unless you really
> have to is extremely bad for the left - isolating us from the rest of the
> working class and breeding an authoritarian and paranoid mentality.
> All this is apart from the whole debate over what is, and is not fascism
> the scientific sense. Here I agree with Trotsky.

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