The truth about Hitler?

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> Johannes wrote:
> Jim wrote:
> >
> > I think explicit support by elements of the German Jewish bourgeoisie
> > was limited and largely covert.
> Yeah, because it was all a secret Jewish conspiracy no documents can be
> found today. I have a word in my dictionary for people who argue like
> Response Jim C: What would that word be? Are you suggesting that I am an
> anti-Semite or someone arguing "Jewish Conspiracies?" I only argue that
> among elements of the German Jewish Bourgeoisie, many of whom had been
> highly assimilated--and were proud of it--and some of whom had been in the
> German military, they were far more class conscious than conscious of any
> "Jewishness"

This is not the first time Johannes Schneider is accusing comrades with his
incomprehensible charges. He accused Mark for making anti-semitic claims
once. I don't think this secretarian person deserves to be on the list,

But leaving aside real anti-semitics like David who give opportunity to
people like Schneier to raise their charges, like Sharon does with respect
to "terrorists" (so called) , I think the best thing to do is to ignore this
person. Trash box is the quickest solution.

and don't even try to prove yourself, Jim.

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