Strange technique of discussion

QUEMENER Yves-Marie FTRD/DTL/LAN yvesmarie.quemener at
Wed May 21 10:14:40 MDT 2003

I have noted this sequence of messages to the list.

In a first message, Johannes wrote:
> First, I have noted before Zionism was an absolute minor trend among German Jewry in the early thirties.

Xxxx Xxxxxx replied:
> Don't *note*. Cite evidence.

Johannes then sent a reference about his claim, that is that zionists were a small minority in german jewry.

Xxxx Xxxxxx then wrote:
> But the discussion was about the Havara agreement-- and its place, if any, in the history of the zionist movement in nazi germany. Does the author draw any conclusions about that? For example, does he discuss the extent to which
they were effective or ineffective?
> We were not talking the diversity of identity among ethnic groups...

This comes just after the source cited by Johannes, but Xxxx edited Johannes' post, suppressing the first exchange. Xxxx, the source you criticized Johannes for giving was exactly backing the fact you asked him evidence for!!! In the first exchange, there was no talk about the Havara agreement, and the reference was perfect to Johannes' point.

This method of discussion is not worthy of a PhD candidate...
	Yves-Marie Quemener

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