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  Sevgili Xxxx, 

  you are mistaken: 

> But the discussion was about the Havara agreement-- and its place, 
> if any, in the history of the zionist movement in nazi germany. 

  No, the discussion is about the allegations that "THE german Jews",
as Henry Liu wrote, gave support to the Nazi party in their struggle
for power. [my emphasis added]

  And please, for the sake of your academic carreer, not that "THE"
is a a definite article meaning ALL, and not SOME. Let's talk about
what people write, and not about what you think they should have
written. Writing "THE jews have supported Hitler" is not the same as
"there have been (some) Jews who have supported Hitler". If Henry Liu
meant something else than what he wrote, let HIM explain what he
meant, but don't impute on him what you would have meant. Henry Liu
reapeated several times explicitly that he was speaking about support
given to the Nazi party BEFORE its taking of power. 

  The Havara agreement is a completely different story than
supporting the Nazi party in its struggle for power. 

  For one, this agreement was made AFTER the Nazis took power, and it
was not an agreement with the Nazi party, but with the German state
resp. its government. 

  It was a trade agreement for getting Jews OUT of Germany, but it
was not a support for fascist rule "prior to Hitler's gaining
dictatorial power", to quote Henry Liu. 

  It was based on a common interest of the Zionists and the Nazis to
get Jews out of Germany, and as such ran counter to the interests of
German Jews, who wanted to stay in the country, and defend their
rights. It did not emanate from the will of the German Jews, on the
contrary. This is want can be reproached to the Ha'avara agreement.  

   It is one of the pieces of evidence that the settler colonial
project in Palestine was and is part of the same reactionary wave
which brought Fascism to power in Italy, Germany, Poland, Spain, and
the stalinist burocracy to power in Russia. 

   But it is not a proof that "THE German Jews" gave support to
Hitler's party "prior to Hitler's gaining dictatorial power". 

   The discussion would be helped a lot of you would stick to what is
written instead of what is in your mind. 

   Aydinlik, sevgili arkadasim! 

Lüko Willms 
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