The truth about Hitler?

M. Junaid Alam redjaguar at
Wed May 21 10:43:05 MDT 2003

"Look idiot, Henry posted the book with a link to amozon, including the
above. Don't pretend to bullshit about stuff you have no fucking idea
and *never* spend my precious time by responding anymore. Ok? You are
even following the discussion."

Yo, man, I think it's time for everyone to chill out. Yeah, some
Zionists worked with the Nazis because the goal of both movements was to
get the Jews out of Europe. Zionism has hooked up with a lot of racist
forces in its history.

I think we got more pressing shit to analyze at the moment, like whether
or not it is possible to organize resistance in the U.S., what degree
and method of ideological hegemony has been achieved over our populace,
what historical or cataclysmic role the Islamists will play in the
Muslim world, whether the doomed roadmap/roadkill will lead to violence
on a higher level and more extreme measures, where and what kinds of
wars the White House is planning, and so on.

Instead, half of the last 100 messages is about Hitler and Hitler

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