Nothing but Confusion (was: The truth about Hitler?)

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Luke wrote;

>   And please, for the sake of your academic carreer, not that "THE"
> is a a definite article meaning ALL, and not SOME. Let's talk about
> what people write, and not about what you think they should have
> written.

I think that your knowledge of definitive article is misguided and that I
*am* right. Do they teach English in Germany? Henry spefically wrote the
"rich" and the "intellectual", referring to those *within* the Zionist
movement. One should be blind not to see what he wrote.

The evidence is in the archives, not in what you think you beleive.

>Writing "THE jews have supported Hitler" is not the same as
> "there have been (some) Jews who have supported Hitler". If Henry Liu
> meant something else than what he wrote, let HIM explain what he
> meant, but don't impute on him what you would have meant. Henry Liu
> reapeated several times explicitly that he was speaking about support
> given to the Nazi party BEFORE its taking of power.

why should someone waste his or her time abour something that is so obvious?

Since I am too busy, I expect people not to comment on post that include me.

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