Rigg's book and other charges

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Just to establish the record, Johannes said that Zionism was a minor trend
among German Jews and that Rigg's book made no references to Zionism at all.
But has Johannes even bothered to check the index of the book? Why not
double check your sources before driving conclusions?


According to index, there are at least two references to Zionism in Rigg's
book (page 8 and 51), including a statement by an early advocate of Zionism
in 1862.

Regarding the Havara agreement, there is no information in excerpts. When I
was discussing this, I mistakenly thought that Henry's post that provided
the link was already an excerpt from the book. So I want to clear the
confusion on this issue.

Anyhow, the evidence from Arendt and other authors  establishes the record
about the zionist federation of germany.

Leaving aside David issue, any charge of anti-semitism directed (or implied)
at some comrades here can be the most stupid and secterian threath on this

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