How the Iraqi generals sold out to the highest bidder

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Wed May 21 14:20:08 MDT 2003

My own reactions to this article have surprised me.  I was appalled by this
confirmation of the previous rumours.  But why was I shocked to any
degree?  A rotten ruling class proved to be a rotten ruling class - end of
story.  Yet I had somehow allowed myself to hope that the forces of history
would transform the Iraqi ruling clique into a centre of national resistance.

For a while the resistance at Um Qasr and Basra indicated this might
happen, I thought.  But the Generals played true to form, took the money
and now will probably try to re-emerge in the new Govt installed by the USA.

It has all driven me back to my former analysis.  American imperialism is
delivering savage blows to its former allies.  The neo-liberals are out to
get the old pro-American stooges.

Huge change is on the way and it will escape the control of the Americans.



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