Anti-semitism and shit

M. Junaid Alam redjaguar at
Wed May 21 17:45:41 MDT 2003

What is going all with all these implications, hidden and open, at some
special Jewish biological qualities and links to neo-Nazi and
conspiratorial crap? Why the fuck should the Jews have had to
"assimilate" with the Spanish Christians? Probably should have given
them a good-ass whooping, I'd say.

Zionism was not at all popular until the Nazi barbarian showed up on the
European scene to reinforce the notion of eternal and immutable hatred
by the goyim of the Jew and drove the situation to extremes. Look at the
migration statistics in Benny Morris' works; I doubt before 1920 that
even 5% of Jews were Zionists.

Also, why are all these people beating up on Mine Doryan on ridiculous
shit like her being a pHD student and her signature? That is whack.

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