Samir Amin on the Historical Roots

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Wed May 21 22:52:23 MDT 2003

>>This is of course why from time to time I run have run for political
office within trade unions to defeat your vote.<<

You run against me in union elections because of my views on fascism? What
you been smoking? :-)

You write:
>>Why you cannot recognize the first fascist movement on earth - that took
shape in the aftermath of

But here's what I was responding to:

>>Are we in the U.S. under "fascism"? ... Does that rubric ...  have
relevance to understanding what we're up against in the U.S.?<<

Note the present tense. I was talking about whether US society today is
fascist. If you think it is, perhaps we have something to debate.

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