Lynch does NOT have amnesia

Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Wed May 21 23:53:55 MDT 2003

>From an article by Barry Lando on, reprinted in my local weekly

"When told of stories that Lynch was abused while in their care, the
hospital  staff are outraged. Said Nurse Shinah: 'This is a lie. But why ask
me? Why don't you ask Jessica what kind of treatment she received?'

"In fact, the Iraqi accounts of good treatment for Pvt. Lynch were
corroborated by Pam Nicholais, a cousin serving as a spokesperson for the
family, in an interview with the Herald Dispatch in Huntington, W.V. 'That
goes along with what Jessi told us,' she told the paper."

Good old West Virginia. Robert Byrd gives yet ANOTHER stirring speech in the

The guy's not a Marxist or even a progressive, but he's one heck of an
orator without being a demagogue.

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