French social situation

Walter Lippmann walterlx at
Thu May 22 06:17:58 MDT 2003

When the Soviet Union existed, the capitalist
countries of the west made concessions to
the working class in the form of pensions and
so on. This was in part, during the period of
the Great Depression, unemployment was
widespread in the capitalist world and was
non-existent in the USSR. (Full employment
did, of course, coexist with many unsavoray
features of Soviet life.)

Now that the Soviet Union is no more and
the bloc of countries it had largely created
and dominated after World War II have
been returned to capitalism, concessions
like those aren't needed by the capitalists.

It's a shame, isn't it, that trade unionists
such as the leadership of the French CGT,
don't understand the links between their
own benefits and the stability of benefits
like them in places like Cuba. The French
CGT joined with their masters recently in
criticizing Cuba for its supposed "lack of
democracy". Their attitude isn't only
politically wrong, even from a reformist
standpoint, it's shortsighted as well.

Walter Lippmann

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