Rigg's book and other charges

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Thu May 22 05:41:04 MDT 2003

> Xxxx,
> is this just stupidity or intellectual incapability from your side or
> Here is what I wrote:

I think that your fate should be as  Ken's. You are nothing but a secterian
waste on this list. Why not unsub Johannes Schneider too, moderators? Are we
going to allow more LBO talkers here?

> > What is the point of  denying the existence of Havara agreement,
> I never denied it. I did two things:
> 1. say it does not constitute 'support', but it was a deal between the
> and the Zionists, a small minority among German jewry.
> 2. Rigg does not write about it.
> // end quote

What does "it" mean above? You are using two "it". 2 can mean1 OR the
sentence above. Learn to write English clearly and then make your claims.

What a ridiculouis waste of time you are..

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