Michael Lebowitz speaks out on Cuba

viveka kaliyuga at humboldt1.com
Thu May 22 07:12:51 MDT 2003

Michael wrote:

> It surfaced its undercover agents to demonstrate to the US how skillful
> Cuban intelligence is. (Lest anyone not get that message, Felipe Perez
> Roque underlined it at the press conference, noting 'that no one in Cuba
> is a fool, that we have revealed only a small part of what we know; ...
> our people have learned to defend themselves.')

I've wondered about the Cuban strategy.  At first, I thought the "outing" of
these important spies was an act of desparation on the part of Cuban
officials.  However, your point may be more correct.  It, along with the
executions and crackdown, may have been a show of strength, and as you later
point out, sends a clear message to the Cubans and the Americans that they
are resolved and will act when necessary.

 And, ......the choice was
> between those deaths and many more which would result from the US plan
> to provoke an immigration crisis which would be used 'as a pretext for a
> naval blockade, which would inevitably lead to war'. '"We know full well
> this has a price,...."  Castro explained. But
> he insisted that "we didn't have the right to hesitate, and we will not
> hesitate."'

In the discussion of Cuba, no one that I have read has discussed the moral
weight of NOT acting, as though inaction in and of itself absolves one of

> I think that some of those friends of Cuba who are criticising Cuba at
> this moment should explain what they would do at this time---

We all know what they would do......They'd write one more book and make one
more lecture tour.

Thank you, Michael, for this excellent analysis.


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