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Thu May 22 08:39:48 MDT 2003

On Wed, 21 May 2003 21:52:38 -0700 David Walters <dwalters at>

> In Germany, actual Zionist
> organizations had trouble raising money, most Germans of Jewish
> descent
> wanted nothing to do with them.

Hannah Arendt, who was herself a Zionist activist in Germany
during the thirties, pointed out that the German Zionist
groups enjoyed a minuscule membership until after Hitler's
ascent into power.  One of the first things that the new regime
did was to announce that the German government would
no longer deal with the old-line Jewish organizations but
only with the Zionist groups.  After that, membership in
the Zionist organizations began to soar, especially as things
began to become unpleasant for German Jews, and
membership in a Zionist group was seen as providing
the best vehicle for getting out of Germany.

Jim F.

> David Walters

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