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> Subject: The Hitler thread --> Shades of Zionism
> It remains irrefutable that *SOME* "Zionists tried to cut deals with
> Hitler."
> These groups and individuals (LEHI, Shamir) were without exception all
> fascist,
> and there is no contradiction between their history and their legacy
> that rules Israel today --from writing numbers on prisoners' arms to
> lebesnraum.
> Israel today is a fascist, national security, garrison state.

Chris, I will leave the general discussion of Zionism to another's
quite a different thread, and an interesting one, but something of a
diversion of the historical discussion.

That German Jews attachment, like Jews everywhere, to Zionism, was tenuous
at best can be garnered historically from a variety of sources. Serious
scholars on Zionism, including Zionist ones, don't argue over this. This is
why Henry's comments out of place and out of character for him.

But you are wrong on Zionism. Both the writings of Lenni Brenner, Ralph
Schoenman and other prove quite conclusively that ALL sectors of Zionism
played collaborative role with the Nazis. Labor Zionism had just as big a
role in this as Revisionism. For example, in the 1930s, the breaking of the
world wide boycott of German goods was set in motion by by Bank Luemi, set
up by Poale Zion to laundry funds for the Nazis. It is true that among
resistance fighters, in Poland, Zionists participated bravely in the armed
resistance.  Brenner maintains that ONLY in Poland was this the case,
universally in Germany and in other occupied countries, Zionists tried to
cut deals with the Occupation. There were few exceptions except as the Red
Army was approaching from the East. But Zionism was, as we maintained
previously, a minority in any event, among Europe's Jews.

Obviously Zionism was not a fascist tendency as a whole, it was a
colonialist one, only Revisionism subscribed to this (I had relatives on ALL
sides of the Zionist debate, including a distant cousin on Jabotinsky's
staff and a close uncle who was a Labor Zionist who fought with the British
Legion in WWI). But the MAIN Zionist organization in Germany was
collaborationist and it's documented in the Brenner book.

David Walters

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