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Thu May 22 10:16:48 MDT 2003

Alex LoCascio wrote:
> Nestor:
>>wonder why is it that so many self-appointed Marxists
>>condemn as "bourgeois nationalism" (or even worse) the
>>same attempt when made in Third World contexts.
> Gosh, that would be pretty weird if it's true.  So which
> self-appointed Marxists actually say that?  Ya got citations
> and names, or is this another one of those Xxxx Xxxxxx-style
> inferences where we just read whatever meaning we want into
> a given statement?

Two things.

I am warning people to cut out the personal sniping. On all sides.

On the substance. If you want some citations, just enter "bourgeois
nationalism" and Peron into google. You will get back 43 references,
including this backhanded support for Thatcher's war against Argentina,
which is symptomatic of the sort of thing that Nestor was calling
attention to:

"The comrades generalise their New Left, semi-Stalinist position on the
national question by attacking those who refused to back the
bloodthirsty Argentinean dictatorship's diversionary 1982 seizure of the
Falklands/Malvinas (a territory that had no Argentinean population) as
being "defenders of imperialism". This only signifies that they are
simply disarmed before 'revolutionary' forms of class collaboration with
the 'anti-imperialist' bourgeoisie. In this way they reflect the
influence of third world bourgeois nationalism..."


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