The Matrix Redux (cont'd)

Xenon Zi-Neng Yuan wenhuadageming at
Thu May 22 17:10:07 MDT 2003

i don't think either of these theories are really applicable to the
movie.  although the cast is very multi-racial, and it seems obvious this
was a conscious decision on some level, the actual content of the movie,
like most of hollywood, remains quite devoid of actual race
consciousness.  there is little if any explicit acknowledgement of the
racism characteristic of the late 20th century which the matrix's "reality"
is modeled after.  it is relatively "color-blind" in that sense.

At 01:58 PM 5/22/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Just a note on the predominance of people of color in the casting
>I've been having a lot (perhaps far too many) conversations about
>different interpretations of this movie. One of the theories that I think
>is the most interesting that would help explain their casting decisions is
>that (a) in order to break free of the Matrix you have to be a computer
>hacker-type who makes contact with Zion hackers in the "real world" trying
>to free your mind, therefore, countries with lots of computer-savvy people
>will be overly represented in the "freed" persons count, and then (b)
>people who face other forms of oppression are more likely to develop
>consciousness of other oppressions, hence African-Americans are the most
>likely persons to make up the population of Zion.
>That's the "technical" theory.
>Obviously the filmakers could also be trying to make a larger point about
>racial oppression which doesn't necessarily have to "make sense" in a
>sci-fi sort of way.

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