The Matrix Redux (cont'd)

Fri May 23 03:51:24 MDT 2003

>I saw it last night and enjoyed it, although not as much as the first
Matrix. <

Yea, I check out Matrix Reloaded a couple of times already and did the one
movie half a dozen times, but then I like sci-fi, including some of Delany's
stuff. Cornel West pitch in the movie was remarkable given his talent for making
a short story long. He stated something to the affect that, "comprehension is
not a perquisite common action."

Matrix for me stays within the mode of most sci-fi flicks in its philosophic
dimensions and at one point in the movie one of the characters condemns what
he call "bourgeois" indulgence and stimulation. The dialogue is philosophically
thick but countered with extraordinary fight sequences. Man is condemned as
an inherently grotesque beast of burden whose cognitive functioning is forever
challenged by his perception of social forms and the impact of his life
activity on the world and others.

My own sense of the movie - based on its premise, is that the heroes of the
movie have not fundamentally escaped the Matrix but entered another level of
programming by the "architect" where their perceptions continue to hamper them.
That is to say during half of the movie, or at any rate the closing senses
when the heroes think they have unplugged themselves from the interface, they in
fact are not unplugged. In other words I will be waiting until November when
part three comes out.

What the heck do I know? I am still trying to figure out some of the Star
Trek movies.

Melvin P.

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