Need for Caution

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Fri May 23 05:16:19 MDT 2003

Domhnall writes:

Michael's (baseless and extremely incredible) 
remarks that Maggie Thatcher might have known about Airey Neave's impending 


Please read *very carefully* what I said. In no way did I even imply the above. I said:

what of Ian Gow's assassination in 1990? If
Thatcher herself was sufficiently aware of the dirty war and authorised it,
does this mean that she unwittingly but no less effectively signed the death
warrant of her friend and close political ally?


In other words, not Airey Neave, and that, *if* anything, Thatcher was unwitting, i.e. not in full possession of the facts. Thatcher herself was not prime minister when Neave was assassinated. Which by itself would make remarks wrongly attributed to me very baseless and extremely incredible.

Please exercise the same care on my posts that you recommend re the British press.

You continue:

I think its foolish to talk about Britain looking towards 
Republicans to perform a partnership to oversee the transition to a 
bourgeois Irish state. It is particularly galling to hear this when Irish 
Republicanism has never been so politically isolated since the initiation of 
the second cease-fire and when anyone close to the party can see it 
developing a solid range of radical policies which are applicable to the 
here and now.


Exactly. "Anyone close to the party". I have never pretended to be that. Instead I have tried to offer a strategic, long-term overview of the situation from the perspective of the hegemonic fraction within the British state.

I have also made it clear that in no way do the members of SF or any other republican organisation need to be knowledgeable participants in a game not of their own design. They can be manipulated and exploited, however.

Within republicanism there are obviously differences, and accusations can and have been levelled about the wisdom of adhering to the GFA, etc. That is not my purpose in posting on this. Throughout I have labelled the messages, "UK state: Northern Ireland" because that is the focus.

Yes there is a need for caution. There is also a need for perspective. It seems that everyone with a direct interest in Northern Ireland has reason to feel isolated or vulnerable just now.

I'm sorry I can't deal more fully with this just now, being pushed for time.

Michael Keaney

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