Michael Lebowitz speaks out on Cuba

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Cuba has been "outing" agents for decades. One of the big best sellers in
Cuba in the 1970's was a spy novel written by the comrade who was head of
military operations for Alpha 66 --one of the most visible if not very
effective terrorist groups of the 1960's-- and what was especially delicious
about it is that none of the Miami names had been changed ...

Then in 1979 Cuban TV produced a wildly popular mini-series called "In
Silence it has had to be" starring Sergio Corrieri, who also starred in
Memories of underdevelopment and in The Man from Masinicú, about an
undercover agent in the fights against the bandits in the Escambray

I think the evidence is *overwhelming* that Cuba's intelligence services are
among the best in the world, and certainly superior, by many orders of
magnitude to the CIA and other American political police agencies. This
superiority is not just a matter of tradecraft, but fundamentally a
political and moral superiority. Its strength derives from the political
attractiveness of the revolution to working people, from political
conviction, which has even made it possible for Cuba to penetrate the
Pentagon, and I wouldn't be surprised to discover also the CIA, NSA, FBI and

In this, it is a striking contrast to the evident lack of success by U.S.
and other imperialist secret agencies to penetrate al Qaeda. This group and
its predecessors has been attacking the United States for well over a
decade, and although the evidence is that it would not have been hard to
penetrate there is no indication that the United States or other
imperialists have done so succesfully.

Instead, the United States relies on a blind faith in technical means --
essentially signals intelligence. But a well organized, well trained,
systematic, hard-core underground group won't be vulnerable to interception
of electronic communications.

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I've wondered about the Cuban strategy.  At first, I thought the "outing" of
these important spies was an act of desparation on the part of Cuban

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