The persistence of e-mail archives

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Fri May 23 18:11:58 MDT 2003

>>Have a look at this article on the Big Brother plans of the US
rulers, the "TIA"<<

Thanks. I read it. It says: "it's not even clear if the technology exists
to make TIA work".

By the time they have the technology, the volume of e-mail traffic
world-wide will probably have increased by a factor of 10 or something. It
shouldn't be too hard to keep a low profile in that flood.

Sure, if they decide to build up a file on me they can do it. But then they
can do it now. I have just keyed my very unusual surname (my father made it
up) into Google, and there it all is. My political stuff, a few things
related to my public service job -- and my role at King Arthur's round
table. (What, you don't believe the last bit? Click here: )

But first they would have to become aware of me for some reason. When
security files became easier to access here I learned that despite 20 years
as the leader of a left group, there was no file on me. Such a

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