IRSP: African Liberation Day 2003 Statement

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24 May 2003
Irish Republican Socialist Party

African Liberation Day 2003 Statement from the Irish Republican
Socialist Party's International Department

This is the 19th year that representatives of the Irish Republican
Socialist Party have joined with the sisters and brothers of the All-
African People's Revolutionary Party to commemorate African
Liberation Day.  The relationship that has been developed between our
two organisations has broadened over the years so that in recent
times we have joined in celebrating the struggle to liberate Africa
with the AAPRP from Sacramento, California to Washington, DC; from
Chicago, Illinois to Houston, Texas; and from London, England to Los
Angeles, California.  Over the years we have built strong ties of
solidarity and we have formed personal friendships.  We have offered
our support when it has been needed and we have received support when
we needed it.  It is both an honour and a pleasure for us to share
our solidarity once again with the revolutionary movements of African
people throughout the world.

Many times when we have spoken at African Liberation Day some
individuals have been confused by our presence.  They note that we
are undeniably European and in many minds European and imperialist
are synonymous.  That leading light of the contemporary struggle for
the liberation of the masses of the people of Africa, Kwame Ture,
however, was never confused on this subject.  The various times that
I had the pleasure of hearing Brother Kwame Ture speak, he not once
failed to mention the inspiration he drew from the liberation
struggle of the Irish people.  Kwame recognised that before Europeans
attempted settler colonialism in North America or Southern Africa,
they first tried out the tactic in Ireland.  Kwame knew that before
Europeans carried out the kidnapping and forced bondage of millions
of Africans in the Western Hemisphere, they first abducted and
transported the Irish to work as slaves in the sugar fields of
Barbados.  He recognised that before the partition of Palestine came
the partition of Ireland.  He understood that before the apartheid
legislation was framed in Azania or the Zionists in Palestine adopted
the repressive legislation, they looked to the model of Ireland's Six
Counties and the Special Powers Act adopted there.  He saw that
before neo-colonial regimes sprang like mushrooms on the African
continent, a neo-colonial regime in Dublin was selling Ireland's
sovereignty even more effectively than had their colonial

Ireland has been the testing ground for colonialism and imperialism
for almost 850 years.  We know a thing or two about oppression and
exploitation.  It is for that reason that the world's third
republican revolution, after the American colonies and France and
just before Haiti, took place in Ireland.  It is for that reason that
Lenin had cause to refer to the Irish Citizen Army of James Connolly
and Jim Larkin as "the first Red Army in Europe".  It is for that
reason that the Irish have given to the vocabularies of the world the
word "boycott", why the Irish have given to the world the tactic of
the hunger strike and the weapon of the car bomb.  We know a thing or
two about struggle.

Because we know something about oppression and about liberation
struggle, we recognise the struggles being waged for the liberation
of Africa as a kindred struggle.  Because we are familiar with
invasion and occupation as well as resistance and the fight for
freedom, we embrace the revolutionaries of Palestine, such as the
PFLP, as comrades.  Because we have experienced exploitation as well
as revolutionary upsurge, in the redistribution of land ongoing in
Zimbabwe we recognise justice.

Sisters and brothers, comrades and friends, the Irish Republican
Socialist Party applauds the sacrifice and heroism of the African
people striving for their own liberation.  We offer our sincere and
profound solidarity to all those engaged in just struggle for
national liberation and socialism in Africa and in the Arab Nation.

We in the Irish Republican Socialist Movement have had our comrades
see action side-by-side with revolutionaries in Palestine.  Members
of our movement fought along side the MPLA in the struggle in Angola.
Members of our movement have visited the Libyan Jamahiriya to
demonstrate our solidarity with the revolutionary accomplishments
there.  We are confident in the victory of the many struggles being
waged against imperialism and for socialism, just as we are confident
that we too shall see victory.  No one need wonder why the Irish
Republican Socialist Party is represented here today; we are at home
here.  It is where we belong.

In closing, given the difficult and frightening times in which we
presently find ourselves, I would like to offer a quote which gave
heart to the great Irish socialist leader James Connolly and was
often repeated by him, so that it might strengthen us as we face the
challenges of our present struggle.



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