The Matrix Redux (cont'd)

Jon Flanders Jon_Flanders at
Sat May 24 04:17:06 MDT 2003

<<The most fundamental parallel, however, between his work and the
"Matrix" movies, West said, is found in the films' multiracial

I took my teenage boys and some of their friends to see the Matrix last

I must say that I was hard pressed to find anything "progressive" in
this movie. Fundamentally it is the same plot employed in many sci-fi
flicks these days, ie that the machines are taking over. As in the
Terminator series. As in recent Star Wars films.

I think that Hollywood is attracted to this theme because given the
reality of a multi-racial USA, it is very hard to find an alien national
group, even Arabs, to cast as the enemy. And speaking of "The Matrix
Reloaded's " multi-racial casting, this only reinforces the underlying
message, that the suburban USA laager, besieged by the menacing "rest of
the world" is worth saving. We can be comforted that our struggle is
just, after all it's not just white people; we are all in this together,
as the Bin Laden's circle around us, multiplying rather like the agent

Jon Flanders

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