The Matrix Redux (cont'd)

Chiang Ching ChiangChing at
Sat May 24 10:23:16 MDT 2003

I saw matrix Reloaded last night and what stood out to me is this- (this
is not an analysis - just some The Oracle and thus the whole of
Morpheus' 'religion' proves to be an illusion created around 'the one'
in order to maintain control over the anomalies in the system. At the
end the architect refer to the Oracle as 'the mother of the matrix'
because what she had discovered was that if 'choice' was allowed within
the system then the choices that were made would be very predictable. It
seemed to me that the possible 'choices' were controlled (and presented)
to avoid the system breaking down, thus Neo is lead to believe that he
is the savior and that he must sacrifice himself by returning to the
source in order for humanity to have any chance of survival rather than
continuing to fight back. Once Neo went outside the boundaries of the
choices that he was presented, Morpheus had to face the fact that the
prophecy was in fact not true in the sense of it being predetermined.

To me, this can be taken as very progressive. Religion is an illusion
created and maintained to keep the struggle within certain boundaries
and to maintain control over less predictable elements in the
population. Also, within the matrix, people are allowed choices within
certain boundaries which results in them not looking beyond those
boundaries because they have a 'sense' of control (reminds me a bit of
elections not to mention a million other illusions including the idea
that we have control economically by the choices we make - what we buy
determines what is produced)

At the end I took it that Neo and the rest are still in fact in the
Matrix because it is only in the Matrix that Neo can do his special
tricks. He stops the enemy ships (or whatever they are) by simply
throwing up his hand and creating the same type of field he uses in the
matrix to stop bullets.  He has realized something is wrong. Perhaps
this is why the matrix could be 'reloaded' and Zion could have already
been destroyed several times --- none of it so far has existed in
reality -- the struggle has yet to break beyond the boundaries that the
system has set up?

There is a lot more than that in the movie and i am interested in seeing
how the conclusion plays out.


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