The Matrix Redux (cont'd)

Chiang Ching ChiangChing at
Sat May 24 12:57:07 MDT 2003

My point was not so much to work out a theory of what exactly was
happening in the movie-- there are quite a few threads running through
it and my memory of exact events (they occur quite rapidly in the movie)
is indeed shaky. Some things came off strongly to me, such as the idea
that i mentioned that the whole religion concept with the rebels was
created as part of a fail safe in the system. Leading people to question
religion and its role in society is a good thing.

Another thing that comes off strong to me is the idea that technology
itself is the problem with society rather than who is employing the
technology and for what. Technology is presented as something that we
can only think we control because ultimately we are dependant on it and
it is dependant on us-- even in 'Zion'. In reality, however, the
question is 'who controls the technology' as that determines how
technology is employed and who (what class) that technology will
benefit. The importance of 'who controls the technology' seems to come
out to me as very secondary to an overall feeling that technology itself
is somehow the ultimate problem in society that needs to be solved.

Something that interest me, and is perhaps the biggest question is--
what impact will the movie have on people's consciousness? Will it lead
them more toward questioning and even opposing things as they are now,
or does it lead more toward a sense of helplessness and hopelessness?
Does it lead people more into the trap of thinking that we can not
understand and change the world or will they walk out the doors actually
thinking about things in society and questioning what they mean? In
other words, what will the social impact be?

 It is also quite possible when artist create something for it to have a
social impact that is the opposite of what its creator's intent was, so
the creator's intent is of a secondary importance to its social impact.
Social impact is also not individual, but rather part of a wider
experience and effect.

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