The Matrix Redux (cont'd)

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I find the predominant attitude toward discussing Zizek, i.e., it's a total
waste of time and theoretical hogwash to boot, disturbingly absent from the
thread matrix 2 has inspired, and if I didn't have Zizek's theory of
ideology to account for it, I'd be downright bamboozled and buffaloed.

Paul H. Dillon

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> "It is my understanding that the guy laying on the table opposite to Neo
> is agent Smith. Early in the movie agent Smith assimilated this fellow
> before the was plug in to return to the "real world."  This Smith agent
> in all probability is the one who detonated the EPM devices to early and
> disabled 5 ships that were quickly wiped out by the solider/warriors of
> the Matrix. He is also the sole survivor of this raid."
> Yeah, I saw the movie for a second time and that's what happenned. The
> question is, if Zion is the real world, how did a computer agent get
> himself inside? If you die in the Matrix, you die in the real world, so
> maybe if your consciousness is transformed in the Matrix, through events
> or through agents taking over your body, the same thing happens in the
> real world.
> Now the Key-maker is being held by a curious figure - Merovingian.
> Merovingian identifies himself as a program that programs and
> reconfigure other programs slated for deletion or rewrite."
> Merovingian can write code. I figure his wife is definitely the mother
> of the Matrix because her function is to investigate human
> 'grotesqueries' - which is why she insists on kissing Neo - so as to
> improve the Matrix in every new cycle and whittle away at the number of
> dissenters.
> "What if Zion still exists and is under attack but Neo and Morpheus
> never left the Matrix?"
> The architect is lying at least partially. He said Neo could either take
> the right door and repopulate Zionism with a couple dozen people,, or he
> could take the left door and the human race is totally finished. First
> of all, he would never allow that kind of choice because the machines
> harvest human energy. And second, when Neo saves Trinity humanity is not
> 'exterminated', the people that the commanders refer to as being
> slaughtered are the forces of military counterattack, not everyone in
> Zion.
> "Did any one get the sense that the Architect was conning Neo? What if
> there was never really any choice but the illusion of choice? The Oracle
> sends Neo to Merovingian - the French speaking guy, to get the Key-Maker
> who sends Neo through the door to the source where the Architect sends
> him through another door. Jezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz."
> Since the role of the One is a fallback quarantine method of the Matrix
> his choices are supposed to be predetermined. But clearly in this sixth
> time he has not stayed true to the purpose for which he was designed -
> he did not enter the right door and reset the system; he saved Trinity
> which the architect said was impossible; and he is fighting against an
> increasingly powerful anomoly of the system which no longer serves as an
> agent for it but follows its own mad desires - Smith.
> Revolutions will definitely be interesting. December.

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