Conyers' father

Charles Brown BrownBingb at
Sun May 25 13:29:17 MDT 2003

From: MARIPOWER716 at
Subject: Re: The truth about Hitler?/Henry Liu

Jesse Jackson or an Al Sharpton represents and cannot - not, represent
sectors of historically evolved Negro capital. Representative John Conyers
Jr. must strive to represent a certain segment of "Negro Capital" and his
father was one of the first black men in Detroit to have a Ford dealership
perhaps 50 years ago as well as other investments in what was a segregated


CB: John Conyers' father was an autoworker, UAW leader.

 John Conyers, the son's, brother, Nate Conyers had the Ford dealership ( It
just closed)

Also, an auto dealership is not exactly "capital", more "petit capital".
Similarly, in Dubois' era, there was no "Negro capital"as there were no Negro
capitalists, only Negro petit bourgeoisie.

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