Subject: Re: Ken, Henry, Zionism

David Quarter davidquarter at
Sun May 25 14:26:40 MDT 2003

> At 06:34 PM 5/23/2003, David Quarter wrote:
>  >And they become even more defensive when that
>  >someone happens to be non-Jewish.

  Danielle wrote:

In my experience, Zionists are the most defensive when those questioning
> them are Jewish or have Jewish ancestry.  Jews are the biggest threat to
> Zionism by showing that the claim that Zionism is an inherent part of
> Jewishness is nonsense.

 My perception is that Zionist Jews become more hostile when a
non-Jew criticizes Israel, but become more defensive (i.e.,
supportive of Israeli policy) when Jews criticize Israel. The
difference being that a non-Jew is likely to be accused of anti-
semitism and of a hidden agenda, whereas a Jew is Likely to be
accused of naivite (e.g, being hoodwinked by Arab propagandists)
or even of self hatred.


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