Are Most Zionists Jewish in the USA? (Re; Zionism)

David Quarter davidquarter at
Sun May 25 15:27:53 MDT 2003

  Adam wrote:

> Ultimately, it's the Christian fundies--who are waaaaay more powerful
> than AIPACI mean, hell, how many Jewish Zionists have there
been in the
> White House? Currently, well, you *know* what camp Dubya's

I forgot the guys name, but there was a very good book written on
this subject by a former,  four term(?) Republican congressman. In
it, I remember him singling out AIPAC as the most influential
Zionist lobby group in Washington. And I think's it's fare to say it s
probably the most powerful non-business lobby group in the U.S.

While I agree that there are more non-Jewish politicians professing
support for ISrael in Washington  (which in the end, translates into
policy support for Israel), the question becomes: why?

The argument made in this book is that the Zionist lobby is
extremely effective in pressurising individuals running for office to
take on pro-Israeli positions -- and that in the end this can make or
break a campaign. The obvious way is through campaign donations
made  to the person with the pro-Israel platforms, but another way
is to engage in smear campaigns (e.g., taking out adds) against an
prospective politician taking a perceivably anti-Israel/pro-
Palestinian) position. He argued that in many cases neutrality will
even be looked upon negatively/


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