Are Most Zionists Jewish in the USA? (Re; Zionism)

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Sun May 25 16:45:48 MDT 2003

Dave, maybe you're ref'ing to:
They Dare Speak Out:  People and Institutions Confront Israel's Lobby
by Paul Findley (1985)

So 1967 to 1973 seems to be a period of polarization.  As mentioned,
that time was a threshold for leftists and many progressives to jettison
any hopes of a socialist Israel, while mainstream (liberal),
conservative and reactionary Jews swung into defensive positions around
the concept of Israel's "existence" (often, I believe, personalizing the
Zionist state to the point where the "Question" harkened back to the
Holocaust and quatummed up to the "existence" of Jews) .

The slaughter of the innocents in Lebanon under the purview of the
current Prime Minister Arik Sharon in 1982 was probably most important
for informed progressives (I don't mean Marxists in this definition, who
were already off), but the continuous and continuing stream of
relentless dispossessions and callous murders by the Zionist state has
so steadily depleted the ranks of leftish defenders of Israel, that it
can be rightly said that Zionism pro or con, in Canada and the US, at
least, can be situated simply (& generally) as, respectively, right or

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