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Mon May 26 07:58:02 MDT 2003

SSP declares war on big business

The Scotsman, 26 May 2003

ROSIE Kane, the high-profile Scottish Socialist Party MSP, has set out her
party's intentions towards big business by demanding the nationalisation of
the Royal Bank of Scotland and HBOS.

Ms Kane, who caused a stir on the first day of the new parliament by
objecting to the oath of allegiance to the Queen, has attracted attention
once more - but this time for spelling out exactly what her party's policies
would mean for Scotland's two biggest banks.

In an interview with Holyrood Magazine, out this week, Ms Kane said she had
been charged £30 by a bank recently and this had focused her attention on
the approach of banks.

She said: "Where profit comes before people, then people will get screwed.

"For bouncing a £4.95 direct debit two weeks ago I got charged £30. Who got
that money?

"When the banks and big business start working for the people there would be
no need for that kind of over-charging."

When asked whether the banks should be nationalised, she said: "Absolutely.
It's not a new idea. The new idea is where banks are run for business. The
old idea is that they are run like credit unions. I don't see it as
controversial. It's about clipping the wings of a few greedy individuals."

Ms Kane insisted that she did not intend to be out of control.

She received notoriety before she took her seat when she promised to bring
the "craziness" of the Big Brother house to the parliament.

But she said yesterday: "I have absolutely no plans to not take my position

"There has been muck thrown at me that I'm an out-of control woman, which I'
m not. People should be careful about jumping to conclusions.

"On the other hand, sometimes I'm a bit ragged around the edges, sometimes I
get very frustrated. But I don't have any intention of skelping the First

She added: "I will predict that my microphone will get turned off regularly.
There will be times when I am red-faced and furious. If I have a point to
make and I am silenced, I'll find other means of making it. I've got a very
agile mind."

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