Swans' Release: May 26, 2003

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May 26, 2003 -- In this issue:

This issue of Swans takes a look at the strategic moves through
violent means that the Western powers have unleashed on the entire
world since the fall of the Berlin Wall, with a primary focus on the
exceptional book written by Diana Johnstone, "FOOLS' CRUSADE:
Yugoslavia, NATO and Western Delusions." It is exceptional for at
least two reasons. First, it may well be the most thorough and rigorous
work that has been published in the past four years on the
disintegration of Yugoslavia, with an acute historical perspective that
clearly explains the current strategic policies of the western powers;
and second, because it has been remarkably ignored by the main
media and the so-called alternative press. Freedom of speech is a
lofty principle, but if your voice is literally buried so deep that no one
can hear it, then the principle becomes moot!

We are publishing an excerpt of the book -- the introduction -- with
the permission of the author and her publishers in both the U.K. and
the U.S. Then Louis Proyect, Edward Herman and Gilles d'Aymery
review Fools' Crusade from different angles, each providing additional
perspective. Furthermore, we are presenting four other articles in
support of Diana Johnstone's work. Konstantin Kilibarda provides a
legal analysis on the dismantling of Yugoslavia and Jan Baughman
looks at the common threads among the wars in the Balkans,
Afghanistan and Iraq. Lest you not be outraged by these analyses,
read the transcript of the interviews that Greg Elich conducted with
Serb refugees. Their experiences were far from the 'humanitarianism'
in the name of which these wars were conducted. Finally, Aleksandra
Priestfield looks at the other non-reasons for going to war.

Please do your utmost to read and disseminate Johnstone's book.

In addition on Swans, Deck Deckert cleverly imagines the truths we
could learn if journalists were embedded in various circumstances.
Embedded journalists at peace rallies? Imagine the possibilities!
Richard Macintosh questions the dreadful and superb sides of
America where, according to Philip Greenspan, knowing the right
person is as good as being on the right side of the law.

Last but not least, Sabina Becker and Gerard Smith have once again
produced two powerful poems to tie it all together.

As always, please form your OWN opinion, and let your friends (and
foes) know about Swans. It's your voice that makes ours grow.


Here is the list of all the pieces:

FOOLS' CRUSADE: Yugoslavia, NATO and Western Delusions
by Diana Johnstone (Book Excerpt)

Diana Johnstone's "Fools' Crusade"
Book Review by Louis Proyect

Diana Johnstone On The Balkan Wars
Book Review by Edward S. Herman

Diana Johnstone And The Demise Of 'Yugoslavism'
Book Review by Gilles d'Aymery

Selective Recognition and the Dismantling of SFR Yugoslavia
by Konstantin Kilibarda

Lessons From Yugoslavia: Blueprint for War?
by Jan Baughman

We Have The Right To Live
Interviews with Kosovo Serbian refugees
by Gregory Elich

Making War Out Of Nothing At All
by Aleksandra Priestfield

Embedding The Truth - by Deck Deckert

Courage And Cowardice - by Richard Macintosh

An Awful Lawful World: Who Wins, Who Loses
by Philip Greenspan

Accomplishments - Poem by Sabina C. Becker

My Appearances - Poem by Gerard Donnelly Smith


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