Letter of resignation from the Australian ISO

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Tue May 27 01:40:52 MDT 2003

>21 members of the Australian ISO resigned en bloc yesterday. Their
>resignation letter is at...

I read this with some residual interest.  I was driven out of the ISO in
1981 for being a right winger.  I still recall, truly without bitterness
now, at the final meeting I said that a censure motion against us would be
an expulsion motion.  Rintoul snarled something to the effect 'Bring it on'.

Well over 20 years later it has come to this.  Now above all people he has
the nerve to accuse others of putting activism before political theory and


But truly I do not rejoice in this event.  It merely shows the weakness of
the Left.  We are (seemingly hopelessly) isolated and divided and can only
scratch at each other.

For what it is worth, my opinion is that the Socialist Alliance initiative
is the sole bright spot amidst all this devastation and division. We on the
Left simply must find a way to do it differently. Splits  - factions - all
the detritus of Zinovievism must be rejected.

Mohammed has appended stuff from Monty Python and truly it is relevant to
the culture of the Left, but having had a good chuckle at it, I also want
to say that this is a sad day for the Left.

I will if I can get the time to open a dialogue with Phil on the 30s in
slow motion analysis.  I have not much on that but I am in sympathy with
aspects of the perspective.  It seems to me though that if the slow motion
is correct, and certainly we are being levered gradually into the
deflationary abyss ever 9 years or so, then it is not only that side of
things that is slow.

There is an absolute torpor gripping the working class and there is no sign
at all as far as I can see of it breaking any time soon.

Having said that I would want to repeat a favorite mantra that political
time is not clock time.



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