Thought control in Israel

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Tue May 27 08:20:42 MDT 2003

M. Junaid Alam wrote:

> "On Udi Adiv and Matzpen see from a right-wing ultra Zionist
> perspective:"
> As if the stench of Horotwitz-owned vomit wasn't strong enough, it's
> gotta be linked up on a Marxist discussion list! The usual ranting and
> raving rubbish as usual, along the lines of Israeli academics
> cheerleading a 'Second Holocaust' no less. Yes. Everything revolves
> around the Holocaust.
> What is your deal, man? What the fuck is your deal...

calm down, it was not meant as an endorsement and I have made clear where it
came from.

I posted it because it contained some information about Matzpen and Udi
Adiv, I did not know before.


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