The Matrix Redux (cont'd)

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Yes.  You can read all those things into the Matrix (how could you not since
e film' maker tried so mechanically to say them) but I wonder how many
non-intellectuals, non-leftists will read those things too, more likely
they'll just walk out mesmerized and wanting to drive fast on the freeway.
How many kids are going to get injured by sticks this week in  emulation of
Neo beatng up the clone agents???.  Actually sticks and staffs are more
dangerous than guns, since most kids can't get guns, but long sticks are
everyplace.  The first Matrix was good because it was new, unique, and
actually a much better film on almost every ground including music.   But I
really don't believe the first or the  second movie had any progrssive
impact at all.  --  Although I must say that I did meet one of the computer
animation artists working on the Matrix sequel last October 26 at the San
Francisco Peace March  he even leaked the plot to me. The guy was making
good money on the film; was able to buy a small condo in San Francisco, just
an assistant computer graphics artist.  For those who know Bay Area real
estate prices, that should indicate something about the bottom line of The


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> >anything insightful or relevant, is way, way beyond me.  What a piece of
> >shit!!!!  If anyone who contributed positively to that discussion ever
> >anything to me about the value of discussing Zizek, I will know, in my
> >of hearts, that we don't stand a fucking chance.
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> >Paul H. Dillon
> What about the first Matrix?
> What, then, is the Matrix? Simply what Jacques Lacan called "big Other,"
> the virtual symbolic order, the network that structures reality for us. In
> a properly paranoiac way, the film externalizes this virtual symbolic
> in the really-existing Mega-Computer. However, the strength of the film
> resides not so much in this central thesis (what we experience as reality
> is an artificial virtual reality generated by the "Matrix," the
> mega-computer directly attached to all our minds), but the image of the
> millions of human beings leading a claustrophobic life in water-filled
> craddles, kept alive in order to generate the energy (electricity) for the
> Matrix. So when (some of the) people "awaken" from their immersion into
> Matrix-controlled virtual reality, this awakening is not the opening into
> the wide space of the external reality, but first the horrible realization
> of this enclosure, where each of us is effectively just a foetus-like
> organism, immersed in the pre-natal fluid...
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