"Castro speech canceled in Argentina"

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Tue May 27 09:44:28 MDT 2003

Walter wrote:

>I was just glad to see how openly and obviously they hated Cuba's
>leader, and how desperate they were to try to hand him a defeat,
>that they exposed themselves instead.

In general that's true beyond question. However, in this particular case,
judging from the follow-on article, it really does seem to be a simple
question of an early story (which was true) being superceded by later story
(also true).

In fact, this is probably the most PRO-Cuba, pro-Castro article I have read
in the US press in quite some time. Spontaneously reminding the reader of
the "Dirty War" in Argentina, referring to Fidel and Che as "fellow
revolutionaries", describing the enthusiastic welcome received by Fidel and
his "choking up," all of that was about as positive as one could hope for -
certainly not the "usual fare" served up by the US media. And personally, I
like the way the article starts by describing Fidel as Cuba's "leader",
which he certainly is, rather than by the formal "President" (or the more
usually employed "dictator"). I think it's a nice touch. Certainly no one
would ever describe George Bush as a "leader."

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