The Matrix Redux (cont'd)

duy nguyen jislober at
Tue May 27 10:07:53 MDT 2003

I was also intrigued by the idea that the Oracle was not a
>person but a rogue program within the system. And when the white dude
>talked about Neo having 6 predecessors and having to make a choice
>between extinction and restarting the system, that is an interesting
>concept too: those rebelling against the Matrix are themselves caught up
>in its failsafe reset program.

Yeah, this made me think a lot of Marx analysis actually, in the sense that
his critique of capitalism never derives from some position outside of the
present system itself.  That is to say that critique is self-conscious of
the historical conditions of its own possibility, that it is as much a
product of captialism as it has critique of it.  Plus perhaps the idea that
socialism of whatever is next is supposed to be an outgrown, a development
of capitalism itself; an alternative to capitalism is supposed to emerged
from within the system itself, out of its contradictions, or perhaps,
"anamolies," in the language of the movie -- escaped humans fully as much as
renegade programs,  that are all product of the system itself.

" And who is that guy lying on the table at the end clip? Is his survival
meant to indicate
>that _he_ is the One? Anyone who sat around long enough for the trailers
>for Revolutions knows that Neo still appears to be the One."

There's been a lot of specualations on this at my work.  I believe the guy
laying next to neo at the end appears in the earlier parts of the movie.  I
think he's the same guy in the earlier part of the movie who was kinda
stalking neo with the knife; he also appears in the big Zion console meeting
scene.  Also, there's an dream sequence that neo has early in the film that
I think alludes to this character.  It's that scene where neo dreams of
agent Smith making a copy of himself from a character from Zion and then
going out of the matrix.  So I think the guy laying next to Neo is a smith
agent.  The power neo displays at the end in shutting down the sentinels
might also suggest that the world outside of the matrix is actually only an
extension of it; that neo is beginning to realize that they are actually
still in the matrix.


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