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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Tue May 27 11:39:26 MDT 2003

Kept away from mail list these days, and now I return and find out that
Fidel´s speech was cancelled!!!!!!!

It was an enormous, spontaneous and loving mass gathering.

What was really cancelled (once again) is the sorry insight of the Communist
Party of Argentina, who were the basic organizers or aides of the Embassy in
organizing Fidel´s speech for a few invited attendants.

It was the Caballo himself who decided that the stupid and restrictive
organizative schema was to be blasted.

Most interesting yet: most of the people who went to the esplanade of the
Faculty of Law (I couldn´t be there myself, this time) had no hope to see
Fidel in person. They simply wanted to _be there_, to have him know that _we
are there_.

Cancelled, indeed!!!!!!!

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