Iran is "hiding" lots of smart people, too!

Fred Feldman ffeldman at
Wed May 28 11:24:07 MDT 2003

Yes, now it can be told! Iran is hiding vast stores of the most
terrible "weapon of mass destruction" -- literally tens of millions of
very intelligent people.  US "intelligence" will undoubtedly be able
to demonstrate that stocks of this deadly resource are concealed in
every nook and cranny of the country!

I remember a recent New York Times news article a year or so ago which
complained that Iranian youth today are "overeducated" -- referring to
the vast expansion of university and secondary education since the
victory of "Islamic reaction" over the shah's "modernization."  Of
course "Islamic reaction" is the label that the imperialists, and a
big chunk of the left, have placed on what may be the deepest
national-democratic revolution to take place in the Middle East.  The
"Islamic reaction" label takes the fact that the dominant sector of
the capitalist has institutionalized Islam as the state religion and
ideological form of bourgeois ideology, and uses it to obscure the
importance and conquests of this popular revolution, which still marks
the consciousness of millions and millions of dangerously smart

The fact is that Iran probably is the most wildly misunderstood
country this side of Argentina under Peron. It is, for example, one of
the Muslim semicolonial countries where the conditions and rights of
masses of women have made great advances, despite the government
backing given to many backward laws and practices. (I was relieved to
find out recently, while looking into the situation in Nigeria, that
Iran has outlawed stoning as a form of capital punishment.)

Washington is currently framing up hundreds of thousands of Iranians
who are seeking more democratic rights by claiming to support their
efforts to win more democratic rights.  The idea seems to be that when
the current bourgeois leadership -- the Khatami administration or the
religious leadership structures of the Islamic Republic -- takes this
as a pretext for cracking down, Washington can then proclaim that
invasion is the only way to "liberate" the country. I don't doubt that
a section of the protesters might be hoping for help from Washington,
but that illusion does not cancel out the progressive character of
many of their demands, and I think that the vast majority of the
protesters will become increasingly hostile to Washington as the
threats to Iran step up. The very fact that the political situation
and relationship of forces has made such protests possible is one of
the things that will make Iran a harder nut for the warmakers to crack
than Iraq was.

Hopefully Washington's vast misunderstanding of the political
situation in Iran today, which it shares with much of the left (much
of which has never repudiated and exposed the wretched,
counterrevolutionary, Mujahideen organization which responded to
repression in Iran by selling themselves to Saddam in his war against
Iran and now is marketing its wares in Washington), will lead to the
collapse of US anti-Iran policy short of war.  If that doesn't happen,
Iran is a strong candidate to provide the debacle for US imperialism
that the war drive is bound to produce sooner or later.
Fred Feldman

The item, "Iraq, Cuba, and "intellectual capacity" stated

As Viviane, who sent this on to me noted, "they should never have been
out of the insane asylum". This is the sickest possible excuse for
wrecking a


May 23, 2003 04:19 PM
The Bush Administration is backtracking -- hard -- from their pre-war
that Iraq had stockpiles of biological and chemical arms.

It doesn't matter whether or not Iraq actually had any of the toxins
their possession, Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and
Security Affairs John Bolton said today. What counts is that Iraq had
"intellectual capacity" to build these uncoventional weapons.

As Global Security Newswire notes, this directly contradicts
statements made
by the president during the build-up to war.

In his March 17 televised address, Bush said, "Intelligence gathered
by this
and other governments leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues
possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised."


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