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Wed May 28 15:19:44 MDT 2003

Iraqi resistance group claims Fallujah attack

Unknown Iraqi group of resistance claims responsibility for downing US
helicopter in Fallujah.

LONDON - A group of armed Iraqi resistance 'unknown before' announced
Tuesday its responsibility for the attack on US troops in Fallujah, killing
at least two soldiers and wounding several others.

A statement received by Middle East Online from the "General Command of
Iraqi Armed Forces, Resistance and Liberation" said that "groups of special
forces, Al- Faruq brigades and Baath party members staged joint operations
to destroy forces of the US enemy in Fallujah."

The statement added that a US helicopter was downed killing four soldiers,
and that five others were killed and 12 wounded when three armoured vehicles
were destroyed.

This is the first time such a statement has been issued from the Iraqi
resistance which also claimed responsibility for the attack on a US military
convoy in Central Baghdad.

AL-Faruq Brigades, a military organisation of Islamic resistance in Iraq,
claimed responsibility for killing a US soldier in Baghdad, said the
statement, adding that the organisation cooperates with the General Command
of Iraqi Armed Forces whose leader is Iraq's former vice president Taha
Yasin Ramadan.

Middle East Online could not verify the credibility source of the faxed

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