PUP campaigns to drive racists out

John O'Neill johnfergaloneill at eircom.net
Wed May 28 17:09:41 MDT 2003

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> Could I ask John what we are supposed to make of this?
> JD


There are a number of things you could make of this.

You could decide that the PUP are afraid of yet another "political"
organisation to contend with.
You could decide to see it as progress that the BNP have been run out of
You could consider its a sign that the PUP are 'progressive loyalists'
You could see it as further evidence of an unholy Zionist/Loyalist alliance
You could think it was just propaganda from a (very) dodgy source - HMcD
You could interpret it as further evidence of the inherent contradictions of

I'm sure you can make up your own mind.



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