Green Left is top Australian political site

Peter Boyle peterb at
Wed May 28 23:53:07 MDT 2003

I don't know how <> gets its visitor
readings but we have other evidence from our own ISP about
visitors to the site. March averaged 8077 visits per day,
and April has averaged 8013, with the busiest day being
April 1, with 11,708 visits.These are visits to
<> and separate numbers are given for
the DSP website and Resistance website, for instance.

But it is not just <> that ranks the
Green Left site high. For instance, according to Alexa's
*global* ranking we were standing at 72, 329 at the end of
April. This puts us quite a way ahead of other Australian
political sites, the nearest, according to Alexa, being the
NSW Labor Council site ( at 94,604.

In December we were 158,713, the end of February 116,818,
end of March 92,434. That’s a rise of 86,384 places in four

Anyone can check the Alexa rankings themselves, by going to
You also can enter the names of other sites and get their
rankings. Alexa also welcomes input. In fact, it publishes
mini reviews of the sites, and then averages their star

Was this just a temporary Iraq war effect? I just did a
check and found that the Green Left site's global ranking
has since risen to 65, 115! The NSW Labor Council's site had
also risen (but by not as much as GL) to 90,854.

As to who are these visitors (and how many people they
represent) we cannot say. Perhaps some very industrious CIA
and ASIO/ASIS/ONA (Oz spook) agents are making thousands of
visits? But I doubt
it. The respect for Green Left is real and very broad and
there are many other expressions of this.

The good news is that the Green Left site will very shortly
relaunched in a new and more modern form. This will be just
the beginning of a series of improvements that we hope will
eventually give us a progressive site that is an effective
continuously updated digital progressive publication. 

Peter Boyle

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