Green Left is top Australian political site

Pip, Peter & Zoe ppz at
Thu May 29 05:23:10 MDT 2003

Forwarded from John Percy on the Green Left discussion list:

Here's some further information to clarify the significance of Green
Left Weekly's "Top Australian Political Site" ranking on the PC
Authority web page.

The site statistics were provided by the Hitwise Australia company. This
seems to be a fairly solid commercial web measurement company, with
major coroporate clients, and you have to pay for the information. The

methodology behind their collection of data is explained on their
website at

Their method of ranking actually seems to be more thorough than the
system used by Alexa, where Green Left also ranks as the top Australian
political site.

But especially interesting is that the rankings for Top Australian
Political Sites seemed to be based on AUSTRALIAN visitors to the site.

In Pt 6 on their methodology page they state:

"Hitwise does not provide statistics on total site traffic -- it is
based on traffic from local users only, and so does not account for any
traffic a site may receive from international users."

That makes our top ranking even more remarkable, since we know that a
majority of web readers of Green Left are probably international. From

our own site log we can determine roughly the origin of visitors. For
example, for this month:

25% with .au
15% definitely from other specified countries
60% not determined, but probably a large proportion from the US, with
22% .com, 18% .net, etc

None of the other sites listed on that top ten would have very much
international traffic at all I think.

Just to reiterate, the GLW site is separate from the DSP site, the
Resistance site etc. The number of visitors to those sites is also very
respectable, but not in the big league of the Green Left site

....John Percy

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