Social Relations, Revolution, and Capital [To MARIPOWER]

Thu May 29 05:27:10 MDT 2003

>"Capital as a social power creates its own social relations and shapes of
ideological discourse and material interactions - and their shapes, that
constitute the material wherewithal of the shape thinking and generates its
spontaneous historically evolved praxis. Stepping outside this historically
system is not possible as such but what happens is an internal development -
reconfiguration of classes begins, a compulsion, - not unlike that emergence
the bourgeoisie and modern proletariat under feudalism, that compels society
leap to
another political basis more than less in conformity to the productivity and
ideological infrastructure and "superstructure."<

I like it "cum grano salis" (with a grain of salt). According to Marx the
transformation of capitalism implies and marks the end of human pre-history and
the beginning of human history. That means that humans do grasp their "being"
as a species and do overcome a mediation by ideological (alienated)
infrastructure and superstructure. Furthermore, productivity would no longer be driven by
alienated forces. What do you think about it?
value-free greetings

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