Fred's illusions on Iran

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Thu May 29 20:07:16 MDT 2003

>>As a result, they actually had a reporter on the scene in the midst of
the insurrection.<<

Nigel Harris, then still a member of the British SWP, filed a story for
Socialist Worker from Tehran in the midst of the revolution. And I was in
Jakarta when Suharto fell, and was even in the streets during the riots.
Anyone can fly in and play "Sandalista", or in my case, just get lucky.

I also share a bit of Phil's bemusement about the SWP's uncritical line on
the Mullahs, which was reproduced in Australia by what is now the DSP. It
really was pretty silly.

However I should add that the left in general in those days didn't fully
realise the dimensions of the problem of Islamism. Some of Socialist
Worker's formulations of the time wouldn't bear close scrutiny.

All that aside, my question to Fred is genuine and not rhetorical. It could
be that women's status has improved despite the regime (which is what he

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