The "Iraq is the size of California" canard

Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Fri May 30 16:52:21 MDT 2003

Addendum II:

Liars, Inc. alleged not only weapons of mass destruction but "active
programs" for their production. Such active programs would not just involve
a handful of top scientists, but also technicians, janitors, guards,
secretaries, etc. Is it plausible that of all those people, EVERY SINGLE ONE
has resisted the monetary rewards, remained loyal to the regime, and not
come forward to spill the beans?


For example, it is alleged that the US now has possession of two "mobile
biological weapons production vans." If so, where are the people who drove
the vans? Where are the technicians who operated the equipment? My GUESS is
that some of them may well have come forward, told the truth (that the van
was some sort of agricultural field testing lab), not received the reward
money, and had their story hushed up or discounted.

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